ShinHan TOUCH Twin Tip Marker




ShinHan Art’s TOUCH TWIN marker are now available in 36 additional new colors for a total of 204 brilliant colors ideal for a diverse range
of uses, from animation, illustration, architectural renderings, and interior design sketches. With a unique fine point nib on one side and a
broad chisel nib on the other, the TOUCH TWIN marker offers artists and designers a greater range of line thicknesses than ever before.
The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow precision drawing. The ergonomically designed rectangular body is roll resists
rolling on work surfaces and provides a perfect grip that avoids smudges and smears. A specially designed safety cap stacks neatly and
prevents damage to the nibs. The TOUCH TWIN marker contains an alcohol-based ink that doesn’t dissolve printed ink toner, allowing
for odorless, vividly colored artwork on printed materials. Refillable ink and replaceable nibs are also available for the TOUCH TWIN marker.

  • Ergonomically designed body for the perfect grip
  • Now in 204 brilliant colors
  • Double-ended with fine and broad nibs
  • The finest control of ink flow, absolutely no smudging or bleeding
  • Odorless
  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs

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R1 Wine Red, R2 Old Red, R3 Rose Red, R4 Vivid Red, R5 Cherry Pink, R10 Deep Red, R15 Geranium, R11 Carmine, R8 Rose Pink, R18 Peach, R136 Blush, R13 Scarlet, R12 Coral Red, R16 Coral Pink, R14 Vermilion, R22 French Vermilion, R140 Light Orange, R139 Flush, R28 Fruit Pink, R135 Pale Cherry Pink, R131 Skin White, YR211 Tiger Lily, YR23 Orange, YR21 Terracotta, YR25 Salmon Pink, YR27 Powder Pink, YR29 Barely Beige, YR132 Milky White, YR24 Marigold, YR33 Melon Yellow, YR31 Dark Yellow, YR32 Deep Yellow, YR26 Pastel Peach, YR142 Pale Cream, YR133 Baby Skin Pink, Y141 Buttercup Yellow, Y36 Cream, Y34 Yellow, Y222 Golden Yellow, Y44 Fresh Green, Y35 Lemon Yellow, Y37 Pastel Yellow, Y221 Primary Yellow, Y45 Canaria Yellow, Y49 Pastel Green, Y164 Anise, Y38 Pale Yellow, Y169 Putty, Y223 Straw Yellow, Y41 Olive Green, Y224 Olive Pale, Y42 Bronze Green, Y225 Olive Green Dark, GY163 Green Bice, GY48 Yellow Green, GY236 Spring Green, GY234 Leaf Green, GY47 Grass Green, GY235 Sap Green, GY231 Seaweed Green, GY232 Grayish Green Pale, GY233 Grayish Olive Green, GY237 Willow Green, GY175 Lime Green, GY174 Spring Dim Green, GY166 Mignonette, GY173 Dim Green, GY167 Pale Green Light, GY172 Spectrum Green, GY59 Pale Green, G242 Cobalt Green Pale, G46 Vivid Green, G56 Mint Green, G55 Emerald Green, G243 Green Deep, G43 Deep Olive Green, G241 Grayish Green Deep, G54 Viridian, G58 Mint Green Light, BG57 Turquoise Green Light, BG53 Turquoise Green, BG50 Forest Green, BG51 Dark Green, BG52 Deep Green, BG61 Peacock Green, BG251 Verona Blue, BG179 Aqua Mint, BG178 Cool Shadow, B171 Jade Green, B68 Turquoise Blue, B65 Ice Blue, B143 Mint Blue, B182 Forest Blue, B67 Pastel Blue, B66 Baby Blue, B262 Cerulean Blue Light, B63 Cerulean Blue, B261 Primary Cyan, B64 Indian Blue, B62 Marine Blue, B263 Peacock Blue, PB271 Light Blue, PB185 Pale Blue Light, PB272 Grayish Blue Pale, PB76 Sky Blue, PB183 Phthalo Blue, PB69 Prussian Blue, PB70 Royal Blue, PB71 Cobalt Blue, PB72 Napoleon Blue, PB74 Brilliant Blue, PB73 Ultramarine, PB274 Violet Dark, PB273 Blue Berry, PB144 Pale Baby Blue, PB77 Pale Blue, PB75 Dark Blue Light, P145 Pale Lavender, P83 Lavender, P281 Violet, P81 Deep Violet, P82 Light Violet, P85 Vivid Purple, P282 Peony Purple, P283 Purple Deep, P146 Mauve Shadow, P147 Pale Lilac, P84 Pastel Violet, P88 Purple Grey, RP196 Pale Pink Light, RP137 Medium Pink, RP293 Dull Cosmos Purple, RP86 Vivid Reddish Purple, RP87 Azalea Purple, RP6 Vivid Pink, RP89 Pale Purple, RP17 Pastel Pink, RP291 Primary Magenta, RP292 Magenta Deep, RP138 Light Pink, RP198 Tender Pink, RP9 Pale Pink, RP7 Cosmos, BR111 Brown, BR94 Brick Brown, BR91 Natural Oak, BR93 Burnt Orange, BR92 Chocolate, BR98 Chestnut Brown, BR96 Mahogany, BR95 Burnt Sienna, BR112 Leather Brown, BR97 Rose Beige, BR103 Potato Brown, BR107 Sand, BR102 Raw Umber, BR99 Bronze, BR116 Clay, BR115 Flax, BR109 Pearl White, BR100 Malnut, BR101 Yellow Ochre, BR104 Brown Grey, BR114 Pale Camel, BR113 Peanut, BR134 Raw Silk, BG1 Blue Grey 1, BG3 Blue Grey 3, BG5 Blue Grey 5, BG7 Blue Grey 7, BG9 Blue Grey 9, GG1 Green Grey 1, GG3 Green Grey 3, GG5 Green Grey 5, GG7 Green Grey 7, GG9 Green Grey 9, CG0.5 Cool Grey 0.5, CG1 Cool Grey 1, CG2 Cool Grey 2, CG3 Cool Grey 3, CG4 Cool Grey 4, CG5 Cool Grey 5, CG6 Cool Grey 6, CG7 Cool Grey 7, CG8 Cool Grey 8, CG9 Cool Grey 9, WG0.5 Warm Grey 0.5, WG1 Warm Grey 1, WG2 Warm Grey 2, WG3 Warm Grey 3, WG4 Warm Grey 4, WG5 Warm Grey 5, WG6 Warm Grey 6, WG7 Warm Grey 7, WG8 Warm Grey 8, WG9 Warm Grey 9, F121 Fluorescent Coral Red, F122 Fluorescent Orange, F123 Fluorescent Yellow, F124 Fluorescent Green, F125 Fluorescent Rose, F126 Fluorescent Pink, 120 Black, 0 Colorless Blender