Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

$ 18.94



Color Chart

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ – made using only the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments instead of dyes, keeping your work fresh and vibrant for 100 years.

  • Over 100 beautiful colours, including 24 shades of grey across four scales
  • Designed for use with Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Paper for optimal blending and colour vibrancy
  • Ergonomically designed with a comfortable, ultra slim profile
  • Use with the White Blender to mix tones and create myriad colours

Additional information

Marker Color

Colorless Blender , Apple Green, Azure, Black, Blue Grey, Bright Green, Brilliant Yellow, Brilliant Yellow Light, Burnt Orange, Burnt Umber, Burnt Umber Light, Carmine, Clay, Coral, Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 5, Cool Grey 6, Dark Green, Emerald, Forest Green, Green Gold, Henna, Indian Red, Indian Red Light, Indigo, Lavender, Lemon Yellow, Lemon Yellow Light, Light Brown, Light Sienna, Lime Green, Linen, Magenta (Blue Shade), Magenta Light (Blue Shade), Magenta (Red Shade), Mauve, Medium Brown, Mint Green Light, Neutral Grey 1, Neutral Grey 2, Neutral Grey 3, Neutral Grey 4, Neutral Grey 5, Neutral Grey 6, Olive Green, Olive Green Light, Parchment, Petrol Blue, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Blue Deep, Phthalo Blue Light, Phthalo Teal Light, Phthalo Turquoise Light, Portrait Pink, Potter's Pink, Purple, Purple Light, Purple Deep, Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Magenta Light, Red Henna, Red Henna Light, Rose, Rose Light, Royal Blue, Royal Blue Light, Sap Green, Scarlet, Scarlet Light, Sepia, Sky Blue, Toner Grey 1, Toner Grey 2, Toner Grey 3, Toner Grey 4, Toner Grey 5, Toner Grey 6, Vandyke Brown, Verdigris, Vermilion Hue, Violet Blue, Violet Blue Deep, Violet Blue Light, Viridian Hue, Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5, Warm Grey 6, White Blender, Winsor Green (Yellow Shade), Winsor Orange, Winsor Orange (Red Shade), Winsor Orange Light (Red Shade), Winsor Red, Winsor Red Deep, Winsor Violet Dioxazine, Winsor Violet Dioxazine Deep, Winsor Violet Dioxazine Light, Winsor Yellow, Winsor Yellow Deep, Yellow Gold, Yellow Gold Light, Yellow Orange, Yellow Orange Light, Yellow Green