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Winsor & Newton Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour


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Product Description

Griffin is a genuine oil color, made with pigments and oil modified alkyd resin, and it can be thinned with traditional oil color solvents. Alkyds’ main advantage over oil paints is that they are dry to the touch in 18 to 24 hours and can usually be varnished in 30 days. All colors remain workable for 4-8 hours, and dry at the same rate to a uniform semi-gloss finish.

As with traditional oils, the drying time is affected by the thickness of the paint and the temperature of the environment. Griffin is classed as artists’ quality because the grinding of pigments and quality of raw materials equals that of Winsor’s Artists’ Oil Color. There is no compromise on lightfastness, color strength, and selection.

The speed of drying allows techniques such as impasto and glazing to be done in considerably less time. It also means that oil painting outdoors, on vacations, or during exams is now a realistic proposition.

Griffin Alkyds are made with an alkyd resin binder that has been modified with a non-yellowing drying oil for optimum color retention, excellent durability, and rapid drying time. Alkyds work because the binder includes a solvent that controls drying time and consistency, giving you a paint that dries quicker than oil but slower than acrylic. Use with Liquin and other traditional oil painting mediums. Clean with mineral spirits. Prices varies with the series.

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