Winsor & Newton Professional Artist Oil Color

From: L.L. 230,550

Lemon Yellow HueLemon Yellow Hue
Winsor LemonWinsor Lemon
Cadmium LemonCadmium Lemon
Winsor YellowWinsor Yellow
Transparent YellowTransparent Yellow
Cadmium Yellow PaleCadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium YellowCadmium Yellow
Indian YellowIndian Yellow
Winsor Yellow DeepWinsor Yellow Deep
Cadmium Yellow DeepCadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium OrangeCadmium Orange
Winsor OrangeWinsor Orange
Cadmium ScarletCadmium Scarlet
Scarlet LakeScarlet Lake
Cadmium RedCadmium Red
Winsor RedWinsor Red
Winsor Red DeepWinsor Red Deep
Cadmium Red DeepCadmium Red Deep
Pale Rose BlushPale Rose Blush
Rose Madder GenuineRose Madder Genuine
Quinacridone RedQuinacridone Red
Permanent CarminePermanent Carmine
Permanent Alizarin CrimsonPermanent Alizarin Crimson
Permanent RosePermanent Rose
Quinacridone MagentaQuinacridone Magenta
Permanent MagentaPermanent Magenta
Purple MadderPurple Madder
Purple LakePurple Lake
Cobalt VioletCobalt Violet
Permanent MauvePermanent Mauve
Mauve Blue ShadeMauve Blue Shade
Winsor Violet (Dioxazine)Winsor Violet (Dioxazine)
Ultramarine VioletUltramarine Violet
French UltramarineFrench Ultramarine
Cobalt Blue DeepCobalt Blue Deep
Ultramarine (Green Shade)Ultramarine (Green Shade)
Cobalt BlueCobalt Blue
Indanthrene BlueIndanthrene Blue
Winsor Blue (Red Shade)Winsor Blue (Red Shade)
Winsor Blue (Green Shade)Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
Prussian BluePrussian Blue
Cerulean BlueCerulean Blue
Manganese Blue HueManganese Blue Hue
Phthalo TurquoisePhthalo Turquoise
Cobalt TurquoiseCobalt Turquoise
Cobalt GreenCobalt Green
Cobalt Chromite GreenCobalt Chromite Green
Winsor Green (Phthalo)Winsor Green (Phthalo)
Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)
Permanent Green DeepPermanent Green Deep
Permanent GreenPermanent Green
Winsor EmeraldWinsor Emerald
Permanent Green LightPermanent Green Light
Terre VerteTerre Verte
Oxide of ChromiumOxide of Chromium
Prussian GreenPrussian Green
Sap GreenSap Green
Cadmium Green PaleCadmium Green Pale
Green GoldGreen Gold
Olive GreenOlive Green
Naples Yellow LightNaples Yellow Light
Naples YellowNaples Yellow
Yellow Ochre PaleYellow Ochre Pale
Yellow OchreYellow Ochre
Raw Umber LightRaw Umber Light
Raw SiennaRaw Sienna
Transparent Gold OchreTransparent Gold Ochre
Transparent Red OchreTransparent Red Ochre
Venetian RedVenetian Red
Terra RosaTerra Rosa
Transparent MaroonTransparent Maroon
Indian RedIndian Red
Mars Violet DeepMars Violet Deep
Transparent Brown OxideTransparent Brown Oxide
Vandyke BrownVandyke Brown
Raw UmberRaw Umber
Raw Umber (Green Shade)Raw Umber (Green Shade)
Davy’s GrayDavy’s Gray
Payne’s GrayPayne’s Gray
Ivory BlackIvory Black
Lamp BlackLamp Black
Perylene BlackPerylene Black
Flake White HueFlake White Hue
Zinc WhiteZinc White
Titanium WhiteTitanium White
Renaissance GoldRenaissance Gold
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