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Koh-I-Noor Musical Coloring Book + 24 Coloring Pencils

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Musical colouring book are intended for creative work focused in this case on relax, well-being, and elimination of stress. The combination of relax music and colouring book is the unique way how to get a perfect relaxation tool to everybody. Each page has a specific QR code associated with unique relax music, which draws everybody into the world of painting, and assist in creating own’s work. Instructions for turning on the music via the QR code are available on the back cover of the colouring book. The colouring book has 24 pages A different motive on each page. Included in the notepad is one set of 24 pcs of Polycolor colour pencil and one sharpener. The colour pencils and sharpener are fixed on the back cover from cardboard using hook and loop fastener. The notepad is made from quality paper, bind in spiral binding in the upper part of the notepad. The notepad dimensions 290 x 290 x 8 mm (dimension with the colour pencils and spiral binding 290 x 298 x 22 mm). Paper weight is 190 g/m2. The notepad is provided with a protective foil.