Conté à Paris Pierre Noir Pencils

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Conte a Paris offers a wide range of sketching pencils with many exceptional leads such as Pierre Noire and unique colours such as Medicis or Sanguine 18th Century. This high quality range also includes Traditional Drawing pencils, Charcoal and Graphite Pencils and leads. This Pierre Noire lead pencil has a filtered paste pigment which guarantees a deep, solid matt black each time. It is much appreciated for its use on all types of surfaces such as sketch pad, craft paper or linen canvas. This Conte a Paris Pierre Noire pencil is recommended for nudes, landscapes and even laying rapid sketches. Use with: a sharpened lead- the drawing becomes lively and accurate, where as with a half-worn lead- the work is more spontaneous and free. Pencil length 176.5 mm / Pencil diameter 8.5 mm / Lead diameter 5 mm.

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H, HB, 2B, B