Conté à Paris 5 Natural Charcoals Square

$ 28.04


Conté à Paris have been manufacturing some of the finest artists’ materials available for more than 200 years. Many artists and grand masters have used Conté à Paris products because of the selection of pigments, lightfastness, and the exceptional brightness and purity of the colours. Conte offers a traditional range of Drawing and Sketching Charcoals with a variety of grades. Conte Natural charcoals are made from carbonized willow branches. They are raw form and are particularly rich in material. They bring a warm tone. These high quality, natural charcoal sticks are perfect for quick sketches. An indispensible tool for any dry media artist. Complete your drawing collection with these fantastic natural charcoal sticks from Conte. Compact and deligate to handle. Use your fingers to blend or if you don’t want to get messy just use a blending stump. Mistake is easily dealt with as the charcoal is erasable with a soft eraser. Set of 5 Natural Charcoal Square 4MM in a blister pack.