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Paasche F#1 Airbrush Complete

$ 572.40


The F#1 Airbrush is the perfect choice for simple hobby, instructional use and touch-ups. The “F” is easy to master and perfect for beginners. Optional Color Cup and Bottle Assemblies are available. Light fluids-spray pattern of 1/32″ to 34/” (.40mm Tip opening). Made in USA.

F#1 Airbrush Complete Components:

  • F#1                          Single-Action Airbrush
  • F-1/4-OZ                 Meta Color Cup (1/4oz/7cc)
  • V-62                        Wrench
  • F-186                      Wrench
  • A-34                        Hanger
  • TTALB                   “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet
  • Parts List
  • Storage Case