LIQUITEX Basics Wet On Wet Set

$ 189.54


The wet on wet set contains the 3 primary colors, Mars black, and 2 Titanium white for an endless mixing palette.As you begin to transition from BASICS to our professional line, experiement with our slow-dri medium. It extends drying time up to 40% for superior surface blending with acrylic paints and is similar in body to Liquitex Heavy Body Professional Artist Color. You can mix any amount into color to enhance the depth of color intensity, increase transparency, gloss, and add flexibility and adhesion to paint film. Dries clear to reveal full, rich color. Unlike retarding additives, any quantity may be added to color without jeopardizing the strength of the paint film. Translucent when wet, transparent when dry. Formulated for maximum flexibility and adhesion, will not chip or crack on canvas. Can be applied to any material or surface that will accept traditional acrylic media, such as canvas, paper, wood, etc. Liquitex Texture Gels are lightweight, non-toxic, and dry to a water-resistant, non-yellowing surface.