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Conté à Paris 2 Sketching Pencils Sanguine + Sepia

$ 19.58


Conte a Paris has a wide range of Sketching Pencils. This Conte a Paris Sanguine and Sepia Sketching Pencil Set contains both a Sanguine Sketching Pencil and a Sepia Sketching Pencil. The Sanguine Sketching pencil can be used to blend easily, its sharpened lead allows for accurate drawing and if the work is drawn lightly; the Sanguine pencil lets the texture of the paper appear. The Sanguine Sketching pencil is recommended for nudes, its colour recalls that of the skin when highlighted using white where blending the colour creates the shading. On the other hand this set contains a Sepia Sketching pencil, this pencil is reminiscent of burnt umber. The Sepia pencil shades easily and with a sharpened lead an accurate and delicate finish can be achieved. It is recommended for rough sketching, nudes, portraits and landscapes and can be used on its own but also blended with the Sanguine pencil for a more complex finish. Both pencils have a length of 176.5 mm, a diameter of 8.5 mm and a lead diameter of 5 mm.