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Conté à Paris 12 Colors Pastel Set

$ 58.16


Equisse Sketching Carrés Set of 12 traditional sketching earth colours. ‘Conte a Paris’

Sketching Carrés are developed to help the artists in creating free and vivid drawings. The sharp edges of the crayons make it possible to sketch fine details; the broad side will cover larger areas and shapes. Sketching Crayons, box with 12: Bistre, Sanguine Medicis, Sanguine Watteau, Sanguine 18th Century, Sanguine, White B, Grey, Black HB, 2 Black B, 2 Black 2B. Esquisse Conte Carres crayons are made from a blend of natural pigments, kaolin clay and graphite. 12 Conte a Paris Assorted Esquisse Sketching Crayons in sturdy plastic box