Shinhan Art

“Passionate Color, Professional Touch”
Passion drives people to be inspirational, innovative, and extraordinary in the pursuit of achievement. ShinHan art strives to inspire the passion of artists by producing the highest quality art materials in the world.

“Passionate Color, Professional Touch”
Is a statement that embodies the essence of what ShinHan is about. We utilize traditional methods of manufacturing which have been uniquely enhanced over decades embrace state of the art technologies. We strive for cutting edge world class quality and settle for
nothing less.

Our message to the art world is to be earnest, creative, and harmonious. These are main the principals that ShinHan has followed for almost half century. Since the company was established in 1967, the hands on ownership of the Han family have never changed.
From the blending of pigments and inks through the production process, we relentlessly strive to replicate and preserve only natural colors that withstand the test of time. Our effort to produce the highest quality products is inspired by the idea that we assist artists at a variety of levels in freely transferring innovative expression to the canvas and beyond.

ShinHanArt is renowned the world over for its excellence in quality. Our products are used worldwide in diverse fields by professionals and hobby artists. We cherish every relationship that we make with employees and artists. Our seasoned experience has enabled us to develope unique recipes to manufacture high quality products, and loyal artists using ShinHanArt products continually communicate their particular needs helping us strive to produce an unparalleled and full range of quality art products.
ShinHanArt is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Having over one hundred and fifty employees, we operate two manufacturing factories. With over 48 years of heritage, ShinHan Art continues to be Korea’s dominant market leader in art material industry. We now distribute our products to consumers in 32 different countries since our first export in 1980. We pledge to continue manufacturing art materials with colors that stimulate artists’ passion around the world.