Reeves is founded in 1766 and is the leader is school and university grade paint and artist materials around the world.

In 1766 William Reeves opened his first shop near St Paul’s Cathedral in Well Lane, Little Britain where he manufactured and sold his own paints. The business was doing so well that he took his older brother Thomas into partnership.

it was a family orientated business where William’s brothers, children and extended family all helped to give Reeves the quality reputation that it still holds today. However, it was the successful marketing of the Moist Watercolour Paint-Cake invented by William RVS, which placed RVS at the forefront of manufacturing artists’ materials.

Today we are passionate about art as Williams Reeves was when he established RVS in 1766. Our history of producing innovative artists’ materials is core to everything we do.

As the world’s leading supplier of Painting by Numbers and Scraperfoil we are proud to provide guidance to artists and make art accessible for all. Our ranges include products suited to children, crafters and artists.

RVS continually refines based on feedback from artists, ensuring we can make a difference to artists around the globe.


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