Tutorial : Monochromatic Acrylic Pour

In this video you will discover how to do a super liquid Monochromatic Acrylic Pour. The Idea is to use a single Color and have many variations of this color by adding either white or black.

Tutorial : Liquid Acrylic Pouring using Liquitex

Learn How to start doing your own Liquid Acrylic Poured Paintings using Liquitex Pouring Medium. What you need 1- Acrylic Colors 2- Liquitex Pouring Medium

City Stationery Group Company Profile

City Stationery Group SAL is a leading wholesale distributor of Art Materials & Office Supplies across Lebanon. With over 50 years of experience on the Lebanese market, City Stationery Group SAL is known for its unparalleled quality products and knowledgeable customer service. With a massive retail distribution chain of over 528 distributors covering the entire Lebanese territory, City Stationery Group SAL offers a wide selection of art & craft materials, stationery and office supplies. More than 30 000 products to put people in touch with their creativity.

Tutorial : Optical mixing to create visual depth

Using colour of the same degree of lightness or value. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : How to use the Winsor & Newton ProMarkers

Expert, versatile and boasting an unrivalled colour spectrum, the Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a must-have, professional quality addition to your marker collection. - 148 colours from intensely vibrant to subtle pastels - Blend-friendly, with malleable, alcohol-based, translucent ink - Twin-tipped, with a broad chisel nib and fine bullet nib - High quality nibs for consistent, streak-free coverage - Skilfully versatile: it can be used on ink-resistant surfaces like acetate, glass, plastic and wood

LIQUITEX Uniquely Intermixable

Layer, smudge, blend and mix in your own individual style – intermixability allows you to combine any of our Heavy Body, Soft Body, Inks, Sprays, Markers and Mediums, any way you like. Our products are made with compatible binders for maximum versatility and archival quality. This means you can go your own way and create your own techniques. And that’s what being an artist is all about.

Tutorial : Secondary colour bias

Understand how to exploit or avoid colour clash.

Tutorial : Lightening Colours Without White

Create bright and lively colours in your paintings

Tutorial : Understanding the Fat Over Lean Rule

Follow this rule to get the best out of your oils and prevent cracking

Tutorial : Mixing Water Colour Greys

Explore the greys that provide a more subtle shift in tone than black.

Tutorial : Scumbling With Oils

A process of layering oil colour, where a semi opaque film overlays a darker one.

Tutorial : Removing Unwanted Brush Stroke Marks

By burnishing brush strokes with a metal palette knife.

Tutorial : Water Colour Brush Grips

By varying the angle of the brush head when it connects with the paper.

Tutorial : Understanding Oil Mediums

The importance of applying the right medium within the correct layer. Thickened Linseed Oil vs Stand Oil.

Tutorial : Creating Highlights in Watercolour

Using a sharp blade to re-reveal the paper’s brilliance and create stunning highlights. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Working with Solvents

Selecting the right solvent is an important consideration when painting with oils Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Aquapasto

Add texture with every brush stroke and create a subtle gloss finish to Watercolours and Gouache

Tutorial : Professional Acrylic Modelling Paste

Watch how you can sculpt, overpaint or even sand Professional Acrylic Modelling Paste. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Watercolor Dry Brush Techniques

Diversify your mark making with this dry brush water colour technique. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Winsor & Newton Oilbar

Apply the buttery consistency of oil paint with the same freedom and immediacy of charcoal and pastels. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Hard Edged Painting Methods In Acrylics

Discover hard edge painting techniques. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Series 7 | From our hands to yours | Winsor & Newton

All of our Series 7 brushes are handmade in England by our expert brushmakers, each with over 10 years’ experience. Each brush is carefully shaped and rolled to make the perfect domed shape. Watch the crafting process and see the quality for yourself.

Tutorial : Water Colour Tones

Understand the complexity of layering colour washes

Tutorial : Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour

Surface preparation, for consistency.

Tutorial : Professional Water colour Markers

Combine brush, tubes, pans, water and markers. Innovation in water colour painting.

Tutorial : Prussian Blue

Witness the power and versatility of Prussian Blue.

Tutorial : Opacity vs Transparency in Acrylic

Compare transparent and opaque colour.

Tutorial: Winton Oil vs Artist Oil

Understand the properties in both Winsor and Winton oil colours. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Gum Arabic

Witness the soft edge, Gum Arabic masking delivers to your painting. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial : Titanium & Zinc White

Experience the titan eating the colour. Click the link for the latest video tutorial

New Product : W&N + Linley Art Box

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with LINLEY, bringing together over 200 years of heritage and innovation.

Learning : The Different Blacks

Discover how different oil blacks can help you inform your practice. Click the link for the latest video tutorial.

Tutorial - Art masking Fluid

Apply different techniques to your water colour painting using Art Masking Fluid.

How it's made : Acrylic Clear Binder

How Acrylic Paint is made

Tutorial - Glazing

Achieving luminosity with glazing

How it is Made - Oil Colour

A Short Video showing how Oil Colours are made

Tutorial : Oiled Charcoal

This video explains on how to prepare an Oiled Charcoal using Linseed Oil and Willow Charcoal

Learning - The Different Whites

Understanding Different Whites in Winsor & Newton Oil Colours

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